319+ GREAT Airbnb Host Review Examples (2023)

280. (GN) and his guest were a super friendly duo who treated my place with much care and respect. I would happily recommend them to other hosts!

281. (GN) was great! We had them for just one night as they were passing through moving but they were very quiet, tidy and gracious guests. Their dog was darling and never even made a peep. Five star guests all the way!

282. It was a pleasure to have (GN) stay with us, and we’d be more than happy to have them stay with us again! We hope you had an excellent time!

283. It was a pleasure to host (GN), very easy to communicate with, observed the house rules and took good care of the property, highly recommended.

284. (GN‘s) were great guests. They were easy to communicate with and considerate and took great care of the guesthouse.

285. (GN) and her partner were awesome guests. Left our place very clean and tidy and were respectful of house rules. An absolute pleasure to host and welcome back anytime!

286. It was a pleasure to meet (GN) and (GN). They are a lovely couple and we’re very quiet and clean. Would love to have them stay longer. Highly recommend them.

287. (GN) & (GN) were quiet, respectful & communication was terrific! The unit was so clean it was hard to tell that they’d been there! They are welcome back anytime & I do hope they come again!

288. (GN) and her husband were fantastic guests. They were so kind and friendly and we really enjoyed meeting them and hosting them in our home. They were quiet, courteous and clean and we’d highly recommend them to all future guests!

289. (GN) was very clean. You couldn’t even tell that her and her husband had stayed in the place except for the towels on the floor in the bathroom. They’re welcome back anytime!

290. (GN) was an excellent guest. Very kind and communicative. She left the apartment very clean. Best recommendations for other hosts.

291. (GN), is amazing! You would be lucky to host her! Loved hosting her so much. Her left the apartment in mint condition. I highly recommend.

292. (GN) was a very enthusiastic and fun guest. We were very pleased that she enjoyed he stay with us.

293. (GN’s) are very friendly and trusted people. I was delighted to make the apartment available to them, which was left very clean. Thanks!

294. (GN) an her group ( Husband & Son) Were Amazing guests. very Considerate , Friendly and lovely. I really enjoyed hosting them and they are in my 5 star guest List! Thank you

295. They were great guests and I would highly recommend them. The house was left clean and it seemed like they really enjoyed what ___ had to offer. I would welcome them back at any time.

296. (GN) was a terrific guest. We enjoyed communicating with her and learning more about her family. She seems like a wonderful, warm person. We would love to have her and her family back.

297. Great guests! Very communicative, very respectful of the space and left it so clean and tidy–a super nice bonus for us!! Would be happy to have them back anytime!

298.  I didn’t get to meet (GN), but he was wonderful with communication and keeping me up to date with the travel plans. They were super quiet, respectful, and left the space in wonderful condition! Would definitely recommend as a guest.

299. It was a pleasure hosting (GN) and his family! They took great care of the place, left the flat clean and tidy and were super friendly! We would love for them to stay with us again. Highly recommended!

300. (GN) are very easy guests. Very communicative throughout the entire process. They left the house very clean, thank you! – I would welcome them back and recommend them highly to anyone considering a booking by them… Hope they come back.

301. “Our guest was amazing! They were polite, friendly and very respectful of our home. We enjoyed meeting them, and they made our experience as Airbnb hosts seem like a breeze”

302. “We had such a wonderful time hosting our guest! They were so accommodating, understanding, and all around a pleasure to have. We’d definitely recommend them to all other Airbnb hosts”

303. “Our Airbnb guest was a delight! They communicated their needs and questions clearly which made the process seamless. They were friendly and courteous. We look forward to hosting them again in the future!”

304. “Our guest was the ideal Airbnb guest—impressive and polite. We had a wonderful time hosting them—they were thoughtful and friendly. We’d love to welcome them back in the future!”

305. “Our recent guest was amazing! We felt like we got to know them and made a connection. They were kind and considerate during their stay. We’d be happy to host them again anytime!”

306. “Our guest was delightful to host! They communicated their needs and asked questions respectfully and made us feel comfortable throughout their stay. We would definitely recommend them to other Airbnb hosts!”

307. “We had a wonderful experience hosting our guest. They were a delight to chat with and took extra care of our house. They were so friendly and considerate during their stay. We’d be happy to host them again!”

308. “Our Airbnb guest was amazing! They were friendly, respectful, and easy to communicate with, making the stay completely effortless. We’d highly recommend them to all other Airbnb hosts!”

309. “We had a great time hosting our guest! They were considerate and respectful of our home and made us feel comfortable. We’d gladly welcome them back anytime.” 10. “Our Airbnb guest was a pleasure to have! They were kind, friendly and respectful during their stay. We would definitely recommend them to other hosts in the future.”

(Updated January 12, 2023) More Airbnb review examples to come…