319+ GREAT Airbnb Host Review Examples (2023)

201. (GN) was a great communicator and an honest & considerate guest. She/he left our place in superb condition, and we would gladly host him/her again. Highly recommended.

202. (GN) and her/his group were such a joy to have!!!! Communicated perfectly, left the house in wonderful condition, couldn’t ask for a better group! Would love to have them back at any time!!!!

203. (GN‘s) were great guests! They were friendly, left the apartment nice and clean, and were quick to respond to communications. We’d welcome them back anytime!

204. (GN) was a fantastic guest! With the partner they were incredibly neat and clean. She/He was a great communicator and so appreciative. I would happily welcome him/her back anytime!

205. (GN) was a great guest. Quiet, clean, and friendly…..just the way we like them 🙂 I wish we had a little more time to get to know her/him but she/he was only in town for the 1 night. I would recommend her/him as a guest anytime

206. (GN) and friend were fantastic guests! Always great to enter after a group leaves and to wonder why it looks cleaner than before they got there. Hope they pick my place to stay again when they come back to (CN). I strongly recommend (GN) to other hosts.

207. (GN), was a great guest easy to work with and left the apt spotless. I would recommend her/him to anyone

208. (GN) was a nice and warming guest. They left the flat clean and kep all the rules of the apt. Communication went smoothly. I can only recommend them.

209. It was a pleasure to host (GN) and his/her wife/husband! They were kind and polite and we felt very comfortable with them. We found the apartment clean and tidy after they were gone, which is always a nice thing as it show the care. Communication has been smooth at all times. Recommended guests read less.

210. What a great guest and a wonderful person (GN) is! Most of our guests are nice people and are having a good time here in (LN)…but every now and then comes someone that “clicks” so much with the apartment’s vibe as if (LN) was made for him/her! Such case was the coming of (GN) and needless to say we loved having her stay with us the longer the better! It was truly an honour and great luck for us to meet her and we didn’t want her to leave 🙂 Of course, recommended anytime to any host!