319+ GREAT Airbnb Host Review Examples (2023)

181. (GN) was a great guest. Friendly, communicative and considerate. We highly recommend him/her!

182. We enjoyed hosting (GN). Great communicator, clean & considerate guest who left things just as she’d found them. We would gladly host her again & highly recommend her to all.

183. Great guest. Wonder family. House was kept in great condition. Would definitely recommend and host again.

184. Excellent guests! Left the place is great shape!! Would recommend to anyone. Hope you all can come back soon.

185. I did not have the pleasure of meeting (GN) in person. He was easy to communicate with, left the house neat and followed house rules. We would be thrilled to have him back again.

186. It was great to host (GN‘s) group, they were friendly and responsive, well following our house rules and keeping the place clean, we will highly recommend them to their future hosts!

187. We are honored (GN‘s) chose us to host their special celebration. Truly phenomenal guests who were a true pleasure to be around. This considerate, conscientious couple left everything in wonderful condition & we can only recommend them with the highest regards.

188. It was a pleasure to host (GN) this past weekend! Her/his group was very kind and respectful and left the place spotless! Would love to host them again in the future.

189. (GN‘s) group stayed at (LN) for 4 nights. They used the self check in process and we communicated through Airbnb. I hope to host them again in the future! 

190. There are good, better, the best guest and then (GN). The type of visitors we want to adopt and keep forever. Fun, down to earth, self-sufficient, smart, brilliant at communication and everything else, mega clean, respectful,… (GN) in a nutshell. We are thrilled they let us play a role in the creation of their memory. Zen for every host. We’re envious if you get to host them instead of us.