319+ GREAT Airbnb Host Review Examples (2023)

251. It is pretty unusual that I’m not able to spend some time with my guests to listen their stories and cultures; unfortunately this happened with (GN’s) group. We kept in touch and communication with her were pretty good. They were very respectful of the property and left it in good conditions. Absolutely recommended to every host!

252. (GN) and her/his partner were wonderful guest. They picked up after themselves and used dishwasher and took out trash. They were quiet and worked hard during the weeks but enjoyed running and walking to downtown Mall to eat dinner and have fun. I would have them back anytime.

256. (GN) is a delightful guest with great communication and respect for the space. I’d love to have her back any time!

257. We had another great stay with (GN). They were very good guests, who kept us informed of their travel plans and schedule. They took good care of the house and left the room tidy. They’d be welcome back anytime! We hope to see you again! 

258. (GN & GN) were great guests with great communication and we really appreciate that. We are happy that they chose our tiny home to spend their honeymoon at and hope they are able to make it back again for a visit.

259. I was out of town and did not get to personally greet (GN) but the feedback I received from my cousin, who was house sitting, was positive… she was friendly, clean and respectful of my home. Thank you for your stay!