Hotel style towels – THE BEST for 2023

It took us well over a year and over 40 bookings till we found the best hotel style towels for us, and they were the cheapest. 

When we were starting with our first Airbnb, we had sheets with cool designs, different colors and the same goes for the hotel style towels. But after the first booking, we had bunch of stains that were almost unremovable and needed bleaching. Bleaching is not suitable for colors so, we bought new ones. 

With time we learned that the sheets do not necessarily need to be the ones from the Airbnb photo, or similar. 

For this business you need clean, white airbnb towels and sheets that you can bleach whenever you need. We spent so much money on linens, because we were buying them directly from shops (to feel the material) that we were fed up with everything.

hotel style towel

After a year of this struggle, we had some problem with the calendar syncing (we have a website for direct bookings) and got a reservation for the day when we were returning home from a weekend escape. We were not ready at all.

Since we were not home to prepare the sheets and towels, we ordered some online and ask our cousin to pick them up from our “storage” where the postman id usually leaving packages and wash them.

When we got them from our cousin, they were soft as fresh cotton and white as pearls. We placed the airbnb sheets and towels in the apartments, decorated the bed with the throw pillows and it looked perfect. 

The guests mentioned in the review that they like when hosts are using white towels and sheets because you can see how clean they were and recommend every host to do that. 

After this, we only use white, for both towels and sheets.

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Some of our favorite hotel quality towels

Nothing beats American Soft Linen 6-Piece 100% Turkish Genuine Cotton hotel style towels

The Set includes (2-Piece) 27 x 54 inch Bath Towels, (2-Piece) 16 x 28 inch Hand Towels & (2-Piece) 13 x 13 inch Washcloths. They are lightweight towels that quickly absorbs moisture.

These are the towels that we ordered first and we are still using them. In Skopje we have very bad water, so usually after the first wash, towels were becoming like sand paper. This is not happening with the American Soft. It takes 5-6 washings to lose the softness. – This is without using a tumble dryer

NOTE: We recently purchased an industrial Tumble dryer and now it takes more than few months before they become hard.

We can buy airbnb towels from Amazon!

hotel style towels
hotel style towel

Utopia Towels are good back up if you cannot buy the American soft

They are way cheaper than the American soft but still they do their job very well. Set includes 2 bath towels of 27 inch by 54 inch; 2 hand towels of 16 inch by 28 inch; 4 washcloths of 12 inch by 12 inch.

They are soft. We have washed them many times and they still feel soft. They aren’t as nice and soft as the American Soft ones, but that should be expected given their affordable price. 

hotel style towels

If you are not charging big money for your airbnb or you have very short stays, these towels are the real deal for you. You can buy them from Amazon.