Best AirBnB Listing Name Ideas – (Examples of successful Listings)

Follow our few tips for how to write your AirBnB title that WORKS, or choose one of the proven examples bellow that brought success to many listings around the world.

Today we are marking our 7th month working with AirBnB and starting with our 2018 marketing plan.

Having a successful run with our listing, hopefully from February 2018 we will start with two more listings that are located in the center of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

As the apartments are in the final stage of the construction we are spending our time planing the interior and the marketing plan.

We did a research for what are the best titles for AirBnb listings so we can name our apartments that way and they can stand out from the crowd.

AirBnb allows 50 characters for your title, so make sure you use them all.

To save space use abbreviations:

  • Walking distance to: 5 min to
  • Air Conditioning: AC
  • Downtown: DT
  • With: w/
  • Bedroom: BR
  • bathroom: BA

According to OptimizeMyAirbnb we should not use Generic Adjectives in your Airbnb title like the ones bellow:

  • Cozy
  • Comfy
  • Convenient
  • Central
  • Charming
  • Renovated
  • Luxury
  • Studio, Condo, Townhouse, apartment, home, house, etc.

They are generic and do not communicate any information to the guest who is looking at a dozen other listings. You want to GRAB the attention of the FPG. Telling them your home is quiet and convenient in a central location is not going to accomplish that objective. –

Let’s cut it short

These are some of the Best AirBnB Listing title examples out there that can help you increase your bookings.

Combine one of these titles with a instaworthy photo of the apartment and you will definitely attract more potential guests.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • The tittle says it all, what more do you need.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • We especially love the “Private 5 star” part of the tittle, we do think it is very catchy.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • We are definitely gonna use the “Hidden Gem” for one our listings

Best AirBnB Listing NamesThey have said everything in one short title, huge apartment with “amazing view” and as an extra if you book, you get a free parking.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • Adding “walk to destination” in the title its very catchy if you are not traveling by car or you don’t wanna use the public transport

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • Nice combo with the photo. They are renting a room in the center but they don’t need to mention that is spacious because the photo is doing the talk. Plus, you will get a free parking.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • They know what is their King’s Jewel and they make sure you know it too before scrolling down the listings.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • Chicago is packed! So if you stay with us we will give you free parking. As a plus, by saying “Industrial Style” they indicate that they are new and modern.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • Including symbols is not something that we have tried for our listing, but it is definitely eye catching.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • They know that their location is famous and they made sure potential guest know that they are in the middle of it.

Best AirBnB Listing Names

  • Name of the apartment says it all, we are thinking of trying this approach





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