TOP 3 Dental Chair Cover sets (2021 RECOMMENDATION)

We asked our dentist friend from Studio Dentistico, a dental clinic in Skopje, to share with us her favourite dental chair cover sets and why she is recommending them to other clinics in 2021.

These are the TOP 3 Dental Chair Cover sets that she recommends

– I have tried over 15 different types of dental chair cover sets, but these three are my favourite. Of course, the number one on this list is my always go to, but in case they’ve been sold out, the other two are here to help.

Starryshine Dental Chair Covers

Dental Chair Cover

These dental chair covers are long enough to completely cover dental chairs from headrest to footrest.

  • Covers can also be used to protect dental units and counters, as well as keep dental chairs clean.
  • Plastic chair covers are constructed of resilient see-through polyethylene.
  • Disposable chair covers measure 32″ x 80″.
  • Box of 125 dental chair covers.

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JMU Dental Full Chair Cover

The JMU Dental Chair sleeve provides a protective layer that prolong life of chair fabric by covering in a plastic sleeve.

Dental Chair Cover

The dental chair sleeve isn’t easy to tear, effectively protect and prevent cross infection. They also can effectively block the splash of liquid, reduce the damage to the dental chair, and greatly save time.

  • Chair Sleeves are surface barriers that conveniently protects the patient and chair against cross contamination.
  • Helps reduce wear and tear from constant use of surface disinfectants that extends the life of your chair.
  • Plastic chair covers are constructed of resilient see-through polyethylene.
  • Plastic barrier film against moisture, germs, and stains.
  • Disposable, cost-effective way to protect staff, patients and instruments and reduce clean-up time between patients.
  • 29″ x 80″, Box of 125

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Dukal Disposable Equipment – BACK UP

The protective sleeves provide damage protection from things like hair clips, for example. These unsterile, single-use items can be simply discarded after use.

dental chair seat cover
  • HALF-LENGTH CHAIR COVERS 27 /1/2″ x 24″ are disposable barrier bags that cover the headrest and back of dental chairs, to assist in infection control. The chair protective cover is particularly popular in the dental practice, tattooing as the headrest can be susceptible to contamination from gel, hairspray or dandruff.

    Quantity: 225 covers.
  • Equipment barrier covers are made of a durable clear plastic that contributes to patient comfort and are custom sized to provide an impervious barrier between the patient/staff and equipment.

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