24 Fitness testimonials examples

Many of us need a little bit of inspiration from time to time to stay motivated and on the path towards better health. Testimonials from others who have gotten fit or achieved goals through fitness can be a great way to stay inspired. The following are 25 powerful fitness testimonials examples from real people that illustrate how improved fitness can impact our lives.

Fitness testimonials examples

Fitness testimonials examples

1. “I’ve always been physically active, but I decided to begin weight training with a personal trainer a little over a year ago and the results have been amazing. I have more energy, I’m stronger, and I have better muscle tone. I would recommend personal training to anyone looking to make a lasting change in their physical fitness.” – Tracy M., Virginia

2. “My husband and I started going to a CrossFit class together to get more active and it’s been one of the best experiences of our marriage. We’ve lost weight together, but even more importantly, we’ve gained a new level of respect and appreciation for one another. We have both grown in our physical fitness and in our relationship.” – Janet and Tom S., Florida

3. “I had been feeling overwhelmed and out of shape for years. Taking up running and committing to running a marathon has been one of the best decisions of my life. Now I can finally say that I’m in shape and it’s been an amazing accomplishment that has helped me feel more energetic and confident.” – Bob D., Kentucky

4. “I had hit a wall with my weight training and just felt stuck. Then I decided to try a bodyweight program and two months later was amazed by the results I had gotten. Losing fat, gaining muscle, and feeling stronger has been a fantastic feeling that I didn’t even realize was possible.” – Marcus M., Missouri

5. “For my 43rd birthday I decided to challenge myself. I set a goal to complete a sprint triathlon. Training for this event was the perfect reset for my mind and body. Finishing the race was one of my proudest moments and has helped me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to.” – Terry G., Minnesota

6. “Yoga has been my go-to workout for the last two years and it is something that I look forward to doing on a regular basis. Not only has yoga helped me tone, become more flexible, and lose weight, it’s also had an amazing calming effect on my life overall and has helped me to reduce stress and improve my mental wellbeing.” – Sue A., Oregon

7. “I’d always been an active person, but I wasn’t able to stick with any specific training plan for very long. That is, until I took a boot camp class. The intensity and fun atmosphere helped make pushing past my limits a regular thing and now I’m feeling stronger and more energetic than ever.” – Mark T., California

8. “As a parent, it can be hard to fit exercise into your life. But I fought hard to make it happen. Now I feel like I’m setting a good example for my daughter and it’s been an amazing transformation to feel strong, vibrant, and have more energy to be an involved mom.” – Ronda G., Nevada

9. “Hiking has become my meditation. The fresh air and feeling of connectedness to nature is so calming and peaceful. Hiking has been one of the best decisions I’ve made when it comes to fitness since it’s also provided me with weight loss and has helped me build strength. I’m a better version of myself than I was before I started taking regular hikes.” – Agnes C., Washington

10. “Since I started powerlifting two years ago, the changes I’ve had to my physical, mental, and emotional health have been profound. Not only have I lost weight and gained muscle, I’ve also strengthened my mental toughness and have become more confident. All of that has helped me take on challenges in life with more ease than I used to.” – Jeff B., Texas

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