31+ Manager Feedback Examples to Copy & Paste

If you just came from an office or ended a call with a person that is representative of a company and did a good job addressing your issue, then they deserve a good review. We created these manager feedback examples that you can copy and paste or use as inspiration to write your own in the comment box.

Manager Feedback Examples

Legend for Manager Feedback Examples:

  • Manager name – MN
  • Company name – CN

30+ Manager Feedback Examples

01. Manager (MN) was helpful, answer my questions and completed the entire sale, with all paperwork, in about an hours time.

02. The manager, (MN), could not have been a nicer and more genuine person to deal with. He was very courteous, made us as the customer, feel very comfortable and never treated us with anything but respect. He called to follow-up and again was very good to work with.

03. Very pleasant and efficient process. (MN), the branch manager, was very helpful and professional. He even arranged for an Uber ride home for me. Will definitely return again.

04. (MN), the assistant area manager, was friendly, helpful, and thorough as well as excellent at staying in touch, so he also comes highly recommended!

05. The Branch Manager, (MN) was very professional, curious, and knowledgeable which made me feel secure during the process.

06. The manager is very responsive and extremely helpful. (MN) always gets back to us the same day with anything that we need. I will continue to bring my business here for the foreseeable future.

07Manager (MN) was great-super friendly and on top of things! He was very knowledgeable in answering all of my questions and responded to calls and emails very quickly. He was able to offer us exactly what we were looking for.

08. The manager called me, which I missed the call, and then followed up with an email. I emailed her back, and then I received a response within 1 or 2 minutes. We emailed back and forth several times discussing questions I had about my options. She responded immediately to every email.

09. (MN) was my account manager & she was efficient, knowledgeable & kind. She made something I thought was going to be a huge pain & made it pain free. Thank you, (MN)!

10. (MN), my account manager, earned my trust from early on by being reliable, personable and switched on. When I couldn’t reach (MN), I would email or leave a voice message and he’d get back to me within minutes.

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