25+ Bank Feedback examples to Copy & Paste

Are you pleased with your bank? Well, they deserve a good review don’t they? To make it easier for you to review them, we gathered a list with fresh Bank Feedback Examples that you just need to copy and paste.

Bank Feedback examples

Bank Feedback examples

Legend for Bank Feedback Examples:

  • Bank name – BN
  • Bank employe name – BEN

01. The whole team is there to help! We make manual deposits quite often and they’re friendly, competent, and given the ability to help. (BEN) have gone above and beyond this week to make sure banking with (BN) is easy and hassle-free and this is consistent with how we’ve always been treated by everyone at this branch.

Keep up the great work!

02. Very good customer service at this location every time I have been there, however, expect to spend 15 minutes in line most of the time. It’s a very busy location during most hours of the day; even before opening there is typically a line waiting outside.

03. (BN) is everything a bank should be. They are professional, kind, and local. Everyone there is so welcoming and they really make you feel like an important person. After setting up an account the branch manager hand wrote a thank you note that I received in the mail that same week. You just don’t get that kind of personal touch when banking with large national banks. I appreciate all the staff and look forward to many years banking with (BN)!

04. This bank has an awesome team and a dedicated staff. I am very impressed by their vision, hard work, outstanding performance, and wonferful team-mates. Their reputation is well-earned.

05. (BN) has a wonderful staff of kind and helpful persons. Their locations are very clean, comfortable, friendly and beautiful. This includes their other branch in (City). If only every other business were to conduct the same level of customer service, the world would be a much friendlier one.

06. Have been using (BN) sense I was 16 years old. Wonderful staff and fast technology with them. If I had a problem, they fix it right away. I’m loving (BN) and I plan on sticking with them for life. Good Job guys.👍🏼

07. (BN) staff members are AWESOME in every way, every time. The only regret I have with (BN) is that I did not move my accounts here years earlier. I am treated like a king and you would think that my modest account was worth millions. They are unfailingly friendly, helpful and professional.

08. Have always had nothing but excellent service in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the six years I have been using this branch!

09. I’ve been with (BN) for a few years, and every single encounter w them has been exceptional despite my comparatively small-status among businesses they likely serve.

If you’re looking for millennial-minded, well-communicating, constantly professional banking experience, I would nudge you to call (BEN) at the (BN) office

10. The sweetest, most accommodating, professional, proficient bank in these United States. I have never encountered a bank that totally helps as well as understands their customers. The manager at (BN) is ABSOLUTELY the best ever.

11. It’s a rare thing to discover a bank that genuinely cares about the people it serves and (BN) is that kind of bank. They’ve always shown me kindness, respect, and a friendly smile. I can’t recommend them enough for all your banking needs – you won’t be disappointed!

12. It is hard to describe the level of professionalism, efficiency and values held by everyone at (BN). Lending, deposits or general involvement with the community – you are sure to be as pleased with the bank as I have been.

13. This organization will deliver nothing less than the best from expertise and professionalism to top-notch communication. You’re sure to be impressed!

14. Having been a business customer of the bank I can assure you they do what they say and have incredibly professional and friendly employees.

15. I travel the world, this bank has always had my back as well as personal welfare at heart.
You could never find a better bank to deal with period!

16. Excellent and speedy customer service. I think their supervisor must observe them frequently, unlike other (BN) locations on the (LN).

17. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. Always enjoy going in and taking care of my banking and almost always have a friendly conversation with (BEN) or (BEN).

18. I HIGHLY recommend using (BN). The customer service here is unbeatable. I was having an issue after moving out of state and they went out of their way to help me solve the problem. (BEN) at the ___ location is a superb human with the best customer service I have seen. Banking with local banks makes a difference in the service you receive and it helps the community. I would never not bank local after banking with (BN).

19. Really good branch with competent staff. They always help me since I open my account on (BN). Definitely ask to talk with (BEN) or (BEN), they great!

20. Great bank. I got a mortgage through them and it was a smooth process. They also offered a better rate than all the other banks I looked at. Highly recommend!

21. Good bank. Does business in 3 languages from which I can direct local immigrants. Since it’s a local small bank, the money stays in the community.

22. (BEN) is the best personal banker in City, she greets every employee that walks in and will do everything to help her customers have the best banking experience.

23. Lovely branch, warm environment. I know some of the people working in this branch and they are very nice. Always welcoming and eager to help you. It feels they have a more personal relationship with their clients. That’s always a plus when it comes to banking.

24. Offers tailored professional services and staff are always very friendly and helpful. Great experience and highly recommend take business over there!

25. I had a problem with my business account and (BEN) at the (Location) branch went above and beyond to help me out. I highly recommend this bank.

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