Good day beer lovers!

As big beer addict, i can’t imagine an adventure in some foreign country without trying their domestic beer. I am always combining their traditional beers with their domestic snacks, like for example in Cambodia i am drinking #Angkor and eating baby snakes or fried locusts, in Thailand i am drinking #Singha with fried scorpions, and so on and on.

I decided to create a list of all the beers in the Indochina peninsula in South Asia, divided by the countries from where they are coming from, ranked by my taste, and my taste is not approved by many, so that means that my no.1’s are not always the best.

I’ll use +Instagram photos from random travelers.

(If i have used your shot, and you don’t like that, text me and i’ll remove the photo. If you want to be mean with words, please don’t use the comment box)

Myanmar (Burma)

1. Myanmar Beer – You will find it almost in every beer station.

2. Dagon Beer – Stronger than the Myanmar Beer. Try it in draft, it’s great!

3. Mandalay Beer – Don’t know what to say, i have never tasted this beer.


1. Golden Palm beer – Everybody knows that BeerLao is the leader in this country, but this is my favorite.

2. Lao Bia – You can’t even find it on +Google

3. Nam Khong Beer – It is a nice and strong beer

4. BeerLao – I am only adding it to the list so you can be familiar with it.


1. Signha – Not only best in Thailand, for me is one of the best in the world!

2. Chang – Ok Beer for small amount of money, the Singha is more expensive.

3. Leo – Meeh…


1. Angkor – The one, the only, the BEST!

2. Cambodia – Nice and decent beer, will prefer it also.


1. Saigon Special – Best beer in a bottle!

2. Hanoi Beer – Best draft beer!


– Every brewery is owned by foreigners, so that means you’ll need to drink European beer. Ok, or maybe some Thai beer.


– Never been here and i don’t know what to recommend. To be honest i am not even planing to go so feel free to recommend some beers. Or you can check out here

Creating this list made me thirsty, i am off to the bar.

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