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Good day beer lovers!

As big beer addict, i can’t imagine an adventure in some foreign country without trying their domestic beer. I am always combining their traditional beers with their domestic snacks, like for example in Cambodia i am drinking #Angkor and eating baby snakes or fried locusts, in Thailand i am drinking #Singha with fried scorpions, and so on and on.

I decided to create a list of all the beers in the Indochina peninsula in South Asia, divided by the countries from where they are coming from, ranked by my taste, and my taste is not approved by many, so that means that my no.1’s are not always the best.


Get to know Ouranoupoli, Mount Athos – Greece

Ouranoupoli is the last frontier before entering Mount Athos, the Holly mountain if you ask the Greeks
Small city that is offering relaxation and peaceful holiday, which is rare in the Chalkidiki peninsula. 
The city is not a popular one among the young tourists because of its quiet nights, but this doesn’t meat that there aren’t any, there are many young travelers staying here for exploring the holly mountain.

Tourist traps in Greece for which you should be aware of!

Years i’ve be staying in Greece for the summer and every time is the same story. They are doing the same scams to tourists every year, and every year they make bunch of money of tourists that do not know what to expect from the locals.

The scams and traps are not just on the streets and the bazaars, they are also in the taverns and cafes. Continue reading Tourist traps in Greece for which you should be aware of!