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The 5 most visited “Ghost Towns” in the world – #1 will give you chills

From many reasons, over time, some cities have totally died. Some because of the wars, some because of natural disasters, third because of human mistakes. However, their residues remain to testify for their life and history, but we can agree, they act very creepy. Continue reading The 5 most visited “Ghost Towns” in the world – #1 will give you chills

Amateur Travel videos from adventures in Nepal

If you are reading my blog (and you are probably not, because i use it as my diary and note book) you know that i am planing a Nepal adventure and i am lost in research, so i decided to collect all the best amateur videos made by travelers from their Nepal adventure.
I think that this list will be useful for me, and for other adventurers who are planing a trip to Nepal.
I use this videos to find an inspiration for where to go, what to visit, to collect info about transportation, accommodation, tickets, security, gear, etc.

These are the videos that are helping me in organizing my trip.

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Sometimes a dare to call myself a Philosopher

“Making the souls of the people pose for you in one special moment far away from your comfort zone in the other side of the world, creating a story in few seconds from the beginning to the end, sharing the same emotion with people that are not related to you in anyway when looking the photograph, that is a successful travel photograph if you are asking me. Travel photograph is not a selfie where your are holding a domestic beer. The power of a travel portrait comes from the eyes of the strangers, when they look in you they see also a stranger, they are insecure and excited same as you, those emotions are making the portraits so powerful and different than the ordinary, set up portraits.”

Dragan Tapshanov


Good day beer lovers!

As big beer addict, i can’t imagine an adventure in some foreign country without trying their domestic beer. I am always combining their traditional beers with their domestic snacks, like for example in Cambodia i am drinking #Angkor and eating baby snakes or fried locusts, in Thailand i am drinking #Singha with fried scorpions, and so on and on.

I decided to create a list of all the beers in the Indochina peninsula in South Asia, divided by the countries from where they are coming from, ranked by my taste, and my taste is not approved by many, so that means that my no.1’s are not always the best.