Amateur Travel videos from adventures in Nepal

If you are reading my blog (and you are probably not, because i use it as my diary and note book) you know that i am planing a Nepal adventure and i am lost in research, so i decided to collect all the best amateur videos made by travelers from their Nepal adventure.
I think that this list will be useful for me, and for other adventurers who are planing a trip to Nepal.
I use this videos to find an inspiration for where to go, what to visit, to collect info about transportation, accommodation, tickets, security, gear, etc.

These are the videos that are helping me in organizing my trip.

The video bellow is by some funny teen girls, who are not so much of an entertainers, but their sure make notes of the popular attractions and describing them well. The guy from above is just videotaping while walking, but anyway the video is useful for getting to know Nepal.

The next one is by some more advanced blogger and shows you how to explore Nepal but not on a budget. Nice video.

This one i my last for tonight, i am ready for bed. I am hoping that while searching tomorrow i’ll find some videos from more advanced travelers to show me how to experience Nepal on a budget.

Stay tuned for the update of the list!

Update (29.07.2014)

Let’s continue!

Before we start i must mention that for this adventure i was inspired by the rural life in this country and i plan to spend most of the time exploring the villages and taking photos of the locals.

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